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Dodge & Burn

Take control of highlights and shadows

Product Feature
September 4, 2022
With VSCO’s new Dodge and Burn tool, creators can control the light in their images to correct common problems and guide their viewer’s attention in the image.

Dodge & Burn is a technique for controlling highlights and shadows dating back to the darkroom when photographers were first learning how to enlarge their images.

a before and after example showing the value of dodge & burn tool in the VSCO app

Tips to get started

Start a new edit and click into tools to try Dodge and Burn. Lighten and darken specific areas on your image by brushing your finger where you wish to edit.

in-app dodge & burn ui

How to Dodge your image

Try brushing over darker in your image to draw attention to them. Continue brushing to make the effect stronger.

dodge & burn UI example

How to Burn your image

You can use Burn to brush dark areas of your image to add more depth, or brush bright areas to make details more visible

dodge & burn UI example

Dodging and Burning details

To edit details in your image, pinch to zoom into the area you are editing. Adjust the brush size with the slider to easily edit smaller or larger areas of your image.

dodge & burn UI example
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